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Heather MaxForm-Life-Challenge-Top-10-Contestant


Heather had always been a serious and very successful athlete but after college she found herself lost without the structure of a team training program and it caused this goal oriented young woman a lot of stress.  After gaining weight and fighting through a difficult injury she realized she needed a big challenge to get her motivation back.  

That realization led Heather to Max Muscle and soon she became a MaxForm-Life-Challenge-Top-10-Contestant by using her dedication and training skills in a focused and determined manner!  Check out her great story below!


Heather ArticleAre you looking to jump start your fitness program and finally achieve your goals?  Start right here by clicking the link below to download your FREE Top Ten Secrets to Get Lean Fast Brochure!  Then stop into Max Muscle Colorado Springs and we'll help you get on the right track!

Download our "Top Ten Secrets To Get Lean Fast"

Empower YOUR Estrogen Mountain Biking Adventure Tour


 Mountain Biking

Ladies, our first Empower Your Estrogen Adventure, Rock Climbing in Moab, Utah with Front Range Climbing Co was beyond our wildest dreams; the scenery was beautiful, the adventures breathtaking, the Tough Tiara Competition hard fought for and the bonds of friendship made were that of true sisters. In fact, it far exceeded even our grandest of dreams so Vicki and decided we had to come up with an encore event this summer, the sooner the better so we are hereby inviting you to the Empower Your Estrogen What’s Next on Your List Next Adventure- Mountain Biking!  Mark you calendars for July 18-20 because we are going mountain biking down Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs, CO!


Panorama of our view


Yes, you read that right!  This time we are channeling our inner estrogen for the most epic mountain bike ride you have ever imagined!  We once again found the best guides in the country, Pikes Peak Mountain Bike Tours and owner Dylan Scott,  and adventure sisters Vicki Vandergriend and Jackie Classen have put their imaginations together to plan another blow your mind kind of ladies only weekend adventure!




Pikes Peak Mountain Bike Tour

Says Jackie "Just imagine it! The wind feels like a breath of fresh air filling your lungs like balloons.  The air feels good, suddenly your senses come to life and you notice the fragrances of the forest, pine fills the air and you breathe it in deeply.   The view is suddenly spectacular and you realize you can see for miles, a just reward for all your hard work.  We all work hard in our daily lives but this would be a chance to recharge your batteries filling all your senses with a feeling of peace, a just reminder that the world is a big wide open place to be cherished and explored.  Can you picture it?

You will rediscover the pure joy of coasting and sit back in the saddle to enjoy the ride,  the simple joy of your youth coming back to you in waves. 

Visions of childhood hours spent on days such as this float through your mind and your inner dare devil resurfaces eager to be set free.  You remember how wickedly fun coasting downhill faster and faster can be and you can’t resist the temptation to throw caution to the wind.  Ah the joys of the freedom of youth come washing over you and you shed the responsibilities of adulthood  like a cloak used only in winter.  The lighter you feel, the faster you go, the happier you are"

On the Trail

Pikes Peak from Garden of the Gods 3

What's on the Schedule for this Adventure?

This time we will meet in Colorado Springs on Friday, July 18th and gather for the now traditional meet and greet and set up camp together at the base of Pikes Peak!  We will pitch our tents, get to know each other and share our stories by the campfire. 

Saturday morning we will arrive at Pikes Peak Mountain Bike Tours main office bright and early, get fitted for our mountain bikes and helmets and enjoy a pre-ride breakfast.  Pikes Peak Mountain Bike Tours is an awesome local Colorado Springs favorite and has been safely guiding tours down spectacular Pikes Peak for years!  They will provide all the necessary gear including the heavy coats and hats we might need at the summit, bikes, helmets and all the necessary instruction we will need to have a safe and amazing day on the mountain.

Once our team of fearless women is geared up we will load into Pikes Peak Mountain Bike Tour specially equipped vans and our entertaining and professional hunky guides will drive us to the top of beautiful Pikes Peak with our bikes and everything we will need for the day!

 Pikes Peak Mountain Bike

We will have a biking safety mini seminar at the summit and will have a chance to visit the Pikes Peak Gift Shop and take all the amazing summit pictures we want before launching our tour!  Pikes Peak Mountain Bike Tours will provide a lead guide to set the pace and show us the way and the van will follow safely blocking us from road traffic and pleasantly hauling all our extra gear!


Pikes Peak Mountain Bike Tours

The Tour will take us down Pikes Peak Highway where we will enjoy nearly 20 miles of spectacular American spender and breathtaking views and enjoy the childhood joys of bike riding!  Instead of taking in the vista from a car or the train, we will experience first hand the fresh mountain air and feel the wind in our pony tails as we coast and weave our way down one of Americas Most Scenic Highways!

Jackie after a day of cruising

Now before you panic and say to yourself “well that sounds like fun but there is no way I can mountain bike 20 miles” stop right there!  This is another “once in a lifetime opportunity” to see and do something we are pretty sure you would never do on your own, get out of your comfort zone, live life with a little zest and make new life-long girlfriends!  Besides that we promise you if you can ride a bike you CAN DO this!  Why?  Because we will be riding down a paved highway and 95% of the route is downhill! The majority of the route you get to coast and simply take in the view!

Summit view

After a few hours of fresh mountain air and adventure we will have worked up an appetite and our guides will escort us to Jake and Tully’s for a hearty and tasty lunch on their patio overlooking Old Colorado City where we will have a toast to our amusingness and relive our glorious morning!  This lunch is included in the tour cost!

After a refreshing lunch we will regroup and head to camp where we will embark on a group hike and enjoy Pikes Peak from yet a different vantage point!  We have a couple secret adventures in mind and the famous Tough Tiara Competition promises to be epic, but you have to come on the trip to find out what it is! If time allows we will toss in a Jeep 4 Wheeling tour and end our exciting day back at the campfire to entertain each other with tales of our antics.

You will wonder at the star filled mountain sky and sleep well in the crisp fresh air and awake the next morning ready for yet another once in a lifetime mountain bike experience.  Sunday we will gather back at Pikes Peak Mountain Bike Tours and this time embark on a self-guided tour down Gold Camp Road, a old dirt road originally used to haul supplies up to miners.  We will enjoy riding through three different dirt tunnels and take in the scenery overlooking Colorado Springs on this adventure and stop along the way for a picnic lunch!

Gold Camp Road Trail

This trip is honestly suitable for all levels from beginner; novice, to experienced, and the scenery and sisterhood will make this a true memory maker for all time!

To help give you an idea of the physical requirements we devised a Tough Girl Scale, if the Moab adventure required a level 6-7 fitness this one would be rated at a 3-4!

Jackie and Vicki have once again figured out the where, when and how of it all and have created a once in a life time opportunity to enjoy a little physical activity, make new friends and experience the splendor of Pikes Peak in ways you could not previously imagine!  They have negotiated a fantastic deal with the best mountain biking guides on the Front Range and this promises to be another “life changing ladies only adventure.”

If we have 15 or more sign up with Jackie and Vicki before June 1, we get the blow out individual price of $140 per person.  Extra costs would include your travel costs to Colorado Springs and your camp food. Everyone just either packs their own food or hits the local grocery store so you can cater your meals to your own preferences.  We try to keep costs for these adventures as minimal as possible and keep it simple!

If for some reason we have less than 15 adventurous ladies joining us for this trip the cost for the tours increases slightly to $160 per person, which is still an amazing deal!

What do you need to do to join in the fun?

It’s easy!

  1. Tell your family you will be gone from July 18-20th (we suggest not even telling them where you are so they can’t hunt you down and find you but that is up to you)
  2. Figure out how you are getting to Colorado Springs-you can fly, drive, carpool, take the Greyhound Bus, or even hitch hike –we don’t care- just get here!
  3. Pack your bags!  You’ll need basic camping gear like a tent, sleeping bag, small daypack for snacks and water, hiking shoes or sturdy tennis shoes and some food!  Really it’s that easy!  We’ll send out a suggested packing list closer to the date but you do not need any expensive gear for this adventure.
  4. Bring your “Can Do Attitude” and plan on having the time of your life!
  5. Don’t forget a camera or video camera to capture the moments!
  6. READY?  Then call Jackie at 720-260-1660, comment to this blog or email her at

So, this is it, yet another opportunity to do something so outrageous and insane that even you were impressed, raise a little hell, get out of your comfort zone, live a sinfully dangerous life and best of all reconnect with the sisterhood of girlfriends and enjoy the slumber party of all slumber parties!  Trust me you do not want to miss this!

When you return home you will be fully charged and empowered to continue making the world better one day at a time knowing you did something you did not think was even possible!

Don’t over think this; don’t let life and all of its silly obligations keep you from this grand bucket list adventure.  Take just a couple days off from your world and use it to recharge your own batteries.  You will be amazed at how good it feels to give to yourself-just a little bit!

Think about just exactly how much fun this would be, a group of crazy ass, hard working, hold the entire world together kind of women out camping and coasting down Pikes Peak with our pony tails in the wind and a wild ass smile on our faces!

How can you pass this up?   This is your chance to cross off that next adventure off your bucket list! This kind of a life changer only comes along once every millennium and you need to get off the fence and sign up!

Ready, do it!  Sign up right here, right now and join the fun.  We guarantee you won’t be sorry!



Jackie the Bucketlistblogger and Vicki the Irongirl


Check out Pikes Peak Mountain Bike Tours at or read the TripAdvisor Reviews TripAdvisor.  When you are ready to sign up call Jackie at 720-260-1660!


Act fast because we are limited to the first 20 ladies who sign up!


Max Muscle Colorado Springs Announces Derek Hull as Store Manager


Max Muscle Colorado Springs

Owners of Max Muscle Sports Nutrition Colorado Springs, Dan and Jackie Classen, are pleased to announce Derek Hull as the new Manager of Max Muscle Colorado Springs!  Derek has worked at our  University Village Center store for 2 years, and during that time he has helped hundreds of customers achieve their health and fitness goals, whether building lean muscle, reducing body fat, or losing excess fat, Derek's vast knowledge of the sports nutrition industry allows him to expertly guide you to a solution that works for you!


In addition to excellent customer service and vast product knowledge Derek Hull has helped many of our clients with a customized nutrition plan to zero in on their specific needs.  His clients have lost impressive amounts of excess fat while building lean muscle and feeling better!  Are you ready for your customized nutrition plan? 


As our resident expert at all things supplement and fitness related, we are pleased that Derek came to us with years of experience in the industry.  Originally from Iowa, Derek moved to Colorado Springs to pursue bigger and better things.  During the off season Derek spends his time weight lifting and personal training. Along with his extensive knowledge of the sports nutrition world, Derek is also obsessed with automobiles and motorcycles.  Stop by the store and he'll be happy to talk cars and sports with you.   Derek knows how to provide excellent customer service and will be glad to help clients achieve their fitness goals.


flexingIf you are ready, click the Request Your Free Nutrition Consultation Today and Schedule time to come visit with Derek.

Request Your Free Nutrition Consultation Today

Max Muscle Colorado Springs Announce New Business Hours


describe the image
At Max Muscle Sports Nutrition Colorado Springs we work hard to share our passion for quality products, clean nutrition and healthy living with our clients!

We are located in the University Village Center at 5102 North Nevada Ave. Suite #120 Colorado Springs, CO 80918 and can be found online at and on Facebook at Max Muscle Sports Nutriton Colorado Springs.  Join our healthy living community for great recipes, product innovations, monthly specials to help you save money and the latest in fun, fitness and community activities!

Max Muscle Sports Nutrition Colorado Springs

Our business hours are Monday through Friday 10:00 am to 7:00 pm, and Saturday from 10:00 am - 6:00 pm.  We are closed on Sunday's.

Max Muscle Colorado Springs

If you have questions please give us a call at 719-599-7154! We are always happy to anwer your questions!

Max Muscle Stores Deliver More



Life had not been easy, Dayna had faced more struggle and heartache in his short life than most could imagine and his health suffered because of it.  Lost in depression and despair he finally found his way back to a healthy and fit body and a sense of hope by joining the Max Form Life Challenge last year.  

This gave him the motivation he needed to get his health and fitness back on track, one healthy  meal at a time!

Having a goal to focus on and family to encourage him he soon found himself making great progress!  Within just a few months he was one a MaxForm-Life-Challenge-Top-10-Contestant!

Don't ever give up on your dreams!

Dayna ArticleIf you are looking for a way to find your way back to fit lifestyle start by clicking our FREE Top Ten Secrets to Get Lean Fast Brochure right here!

Download our "Top Ten Secrets To Get Lean Fast"



Meet the MaxForm Life Challenge Top 10 Finisher Brian Cady from Albany, Illinois and see how he got his health and fitness back on track in "Finding Your Fire" from the recent Max Sports and Fitness Magazine written by Jackie Classen.

Finding Your Fire

If you are ready to make a change like Brian did start first by downloading our Get Lean Fast Brocure!

Download our "Top Ten Secrets To Get Lean Fast"

April Tax Sale ADRX and MaxPro


Does April have you stressed between the tax man and all this crazy Colorado spring weather?  

Join us for a little De-Stress and Decompress SALE and feel better soon!


We all fight the everyday stressors of life but if you feeling beyond stressed you need to try Max ADRX for quality adrenial support and during April take advantage of our Buy One Get One 50% off Sale!


Shop with us on April 15 and join our "Stick it to the Man Sale" and Pay no Sales Tax!  


April is the month to restock your favorite Max Pro Protein, Save $10 on your Max Pro when you buy another Max Muscle Product!


April Sale

Max Muscle March Special! 75,000 Customers Strong!


Max Muscle Sports Nutrition is celebrating 75,000 customers strong in Colorado! 

We are growning! Max Muscle Sports Nutrition is celebrating 75,000 customers strong in Colorado!  To celebrate we are having a March Special the first 75 customers in each strore that spend $75 or more will receive a FREE Vit-acell Energy ($38 Value!)

Visit us at Max Muscle Sports Nutrition Colorado Springs and let us show you our appreciation with this great offer!

75,000 Customers Strong Max Muscle

2 Year Anniversary Sale March 7th - March 9th Max Muscle Colorado Springs


Max Muscle Sports Nutrition Colorado Springs Second Anniversary Sale!

It's here! Max Muscle Sports Nutrition Colorado Springs is throwing our biggest party of the year this weekend, March 7th Friday through March 9th Sunday at University Village!

Come join the party and enjoy HUGE savings, free givaways, demonstrations and fitness evaluations - fun for the whole family!  You can also sign up to win a FREE 12-week nutrition plan ($499 value)!  Make 2014 the year you Take it to the Max!


Max Muscle Colorado Springs 2 Year Anniversary Sale

“As Soon as You Let Yourself Love Yourself You will Fly"


“As Soon as You Let Yourself Love Yourself You will Fly”

Meet the Newest Sponsored Athlete for Max Muscle Sports Nutrition Colorado Springs, Kelly Dickerson Lamoreaux!  

describe the image

(Photo Credit Brett Seeley)

Kelly Dickerson Lamoreaux, wears a lot of hats on a daily basis.  She is married to Jarom her husband and business partner, fellow dentist at Tri-Lakes Dental and Orthodontics in Monument, CO, they have four children together, three busy boys and one pretty little girl all between the ages of 7 and 2, she is both a working professional dentist and part time stay at home mom and she is NPC Fitness competitor who qualified for Nationals just last fall.  Kelly also admits to being a Type A personality and a perfectionist, and had dreams to someday go to the Olympics in Equestrian and well, just has a lot going on in her life in general.

How does she do it?  I asked her this question myself and she answered very quickly and confidently, by constantly trying to teach myself to focus on what is important and let go of what isn’t.   Kelly is quick to admit that she is hardest on herself.  Says Kelly, “there are times when my house is a mess and it drives me crazy” over the years Kelly has learned that “as soon as you let yourself love yourself you will fly” and she is practicing the art of doing just that.

As a young girl in Gardnerville, Nevada Kelly was active in soccer and dance but her true love was training with her horse and held the long time dream to someday compete as an Olympian in Equestrian but eventually college, dental school, marriage, children and a growing private practice pushed those long held dreams aside.

describe the imageKelly and Jarom moved to Colorado seven years ago and started their dental practice and family and life got really busy really quickly.  As parents they welcomed 4 children into the world in just 5 ½ years and while motherhood is one of Kelly’s greatest joys the fact is that having 4 babies in a short amount of time took a serious toll on her body.  After the last baby Kelly was mentally hungry to reclaim her body as her own and while she assumed she would never look the way she did prior to children she craved a healthy and fit body, one that was toned and defined not just skinny fat.

describe the imageKelly says that when she started her fitness journey just 4 months after her youngest was born “it was all about seeking a physical change but in the end the inner transformation was what it was really all about.  Before I had kids I was very focused on my career, and after my children were born I was really lost.  I loved my kids but between work, kids, family I still felt lost and I had a void.  As a mom you throw yourself into being a mom and forget about yourself.” 

describe the imageStruggling to find a way to balance it all Kelly finally decided to let herself focus on some self-love.  She hired trainer Cindy Newman and together in 8 weeks with a clean diet, high intensity cardio and strength training were able to trim 15 inches and reduce Kelly’s body fat percentage from 22% down to 16%.  Kelly was thrilled with her progress and was excited to see the tone and definition start to return to her body.  With Cindy’s guidance and encouragement Kelly soon set another goal and decided to go after a bucket list dream of competing in a fitness competition.  Soon she hired Sandi Forsythe IFBB Pro and fellow mother and competitor.  Sandi is a mother to 6-year-old triplets and is finishing her masters degree while competing and working full time.  Sandi also is an excellent mentor and quickly helped Kelly fine-tune her training.  Kelly competed in the April 2013 Fitness Universe, the October NPC GNY Natural and the November 2013 Met-rx Rock Mountain and soon she qualified for Nationals, her newest focus.

By learning to let go of some of the self imposed limitations and unnecessary guilt of motherhood Kelly is learning that a perfect house or complicated meals are not necessary and that it is ok to focus instead on active living, healthy simple food and family time.

Kelly now fits fitness into her busy life, getting up at 5:00 am for cardio and has learned hat this is also her alone time and prepares her for a happy and busy day with her children. 

The journey has taught Kelly much about herself and she has learned to give herself a break and to focus on what fuels your passion in life and let some of the other stuff go.  Fitness has helped her set new dreams and follow them, it has given her something else to be passionate about in addition to motherhood.

According to Kelly, the lesson she has learned on her fitness journey is “how strong I really am, I’ve learned that I am too hard on my self, I want things too be perfect in all aspects of my life and I learned I had to let some things go in order to achieve balance.  I have learned that I am worth it and that it is ok to love myself.”

Large Kelly L 3 1

(Photo Credit Brett Seeley)


Kelly learned that “As soon as you let yourself love yourself you will fly.”


Special thank you to Brett Seeley for the great pictures!


Are you interested in starting your fitness journey?  Download the Top Ten Secrets to Get Lean Fast Brochure and call today for your appointment with the expert staff at Max Muscle Colorado Springs at 719-599-7154!

Download our \u0026quot\u003BTop Ten Secrets To Get Lean Fast\u0026quot\u003B


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