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Why More Cardio Is Not What You Need!


cardioAll cardio and no strength training do not do a body good. In fact, partaking in cardio alone takes away from the progress you could be making when it comes to getting in shape and maintaining a fit body. The fact is, strength training builds lean muscle mass, which increases your metabolism and decreases fat. Some strength training workouts can even double as cardio.

The common question of should you start with cardio or strength training seems to confuse and discourage many from combining the two. The answer is quite simple: if you finish an intense cardio session you will have little energy to effectively lift weights, that is why doing cardio and strength training on separate days is the best way to go in order to burn more calories.

If you are looking to lose weight, what counts the most is your overall calorie expenditure. Essentially, the higher the intensity of your workout, the more total calories you will burn. That is why running on the treadmill for hours at a time is not the best use of your time if your end goal is to shape your body and drop pounds. Working out in short intense bursts is the best way to burn calories even after your workout is over.

Ultimately, the most effective way to reach your fitness goals is to combine intense bursts of cardio with strength training. But before you jump into high-intensity workout sessions be sure to ease your body into the switch. By giving your body the proper time to receive and build consistency is essential.

It is important to remember that a workout without the proper fuel and nutrition is a workout wasted. That is why it is crucial to replenish your body with quality supplements to enhance the work you have done. Here at Max Muscle Rocky Mountain we have the products you need to assist you in building your best body! Be sure to stop in to Max Muscle Colorado Springs to pick up all that you need for your fitness journey!

What's the Buzz About Green Tea?


Weight Loss Green TeaGreen tea is considered an ancient herb with many uses, however its popularity has recently been exploding in the fitness and bodybuilding community. This highly studied compound is a staple of extremely effective fat-burning supplements for good reason!

Many have the misconception that green, black, and oolong tea are all essentially the same, and although they come from the same plant they are prepared differently. Green tea, unlike black and oolong tea, is not fermented, keeping the active constituents unaltered and making it perfect for weight loss and fat-burning.

The answer to green tea’s power is in the polyphenols. These amazing polyphenols are more commonly known as flavanols or catechins in the scientific community. The main catechins in green tea are epicatechin, epicatechin-3-gallate, epigallocatechin, and the one with the highest concentration is epigallocatechin-3-gallate or more commonly known as EGCG.

In simple terms, catechins inhibit the enzyme that degrades the body’s primary fat-burning hormone, norepinephrine making green tea highly effective when it comes to weight loss! The catechins also help elevate norepinephrine levels, and keep them elevated as well as prolong thermogenesis. This means that catechins help you to burn fat at a rapid rate!

If you are ready to get started losing weight and burning fat with the help of green tea combined with other amazing ingredients, try Emerge! Emerge is a powerful fat loss and body composition slenderizing system specially formulated to inhibit appetite, promote the release of fat from stored fat cells and accelerate the burning of fat for fuel. Emerge contains clinically proven weight loss ingredients to suppress appetite, provide maximum calorie burning specifically from fat, increase energy and elevate the body’s metabolism.


Now is a great time to stop into Max Muscle Colorado Springs to pick up Emerge! Our staff can ensure you get the information you need in order to use this fantastic supplement effectively, allowing  you to change your body for the best. Do not wait any longer to make strides towards a better you.

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The Role of Diet in Simple Terms


Healthy Diet Max Muscle Colorado SpringsDiet is considered a specific pattern of eating, and a balanced diet provides the body with the proper amount of nutrients in order to maintain health. There are countless reasons why we as humans should pay attention to what we are fueling our bodies with. Whether you are trying to lose weight, increase performance, or build muscle, eating right to meet your goals is essential. All nutritional plans should be designed to suit individual goals and requirements, this means “eating right” does not just mean one thing, it is specific to every person.

The diet plays a key role in maintaining overall health, and for most of us this is common knowledge. Although many people know that a healthy diet is important, the understanding as to why does not seem to be quiet clear. So many of us continue to feed our bodies with food packed with harmful ingredients that do nothing but destroy the body. Many studies have shown that the diet is important in the prevention of diseases like cancer, heart disease, birth defects and cataracts making it that much more important!

eating right

The energy it takes to partake in day-to-day activities all comes down to the diet. The amount of energy we have directly depends on the macronutrient content of what is being consumed in terms of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Carbohydrates provide the muscles and the liver while fat provides stored energy that can be metabolized into glucose and glycogen. In order for the body to receive all the essential energy bearing nutrients it is crucial to consume foods that are clean and rich in fueling elements.

Many of us are trying to shape our bodies to be fit and strong, and diet is an essential component of this task. A calorie and nutrient controlled diet has been shown to have a positive effect on reducing body composition. In simple terms, if you are looking to lose weight and re-shape your body diet is the first hurdle to jump.

When recovering from an injury, illness, or fatigue the diet plays an important part of providing a full recovery. Issues from sport or physical activity include restoration of the liver and muscle glycogen stores, as well as the replacement of fluid and electrolytes. Choosing foods rich in components that aid the body in recuperation is the best way to achieve a full recovery.

If you are ready to start making powerful choices when it comes to your diet start with assistance from us. We offer professional Nutrition Consultations in many of our stores. Be sure to make a visit Max Muscle Colorado Springs and see what we can do for you. We can help you determine your nutritional needs and get you started down the right path! What are you waiting for?

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How Does Magnolia Work in the Body?


Max Weight Loss Max Muscle Colorado SpringsThe magnolia plant was first used in ancient Chinese medicine practices over 2,000 years ago. It was found to have important uses for pain management and body function as its bark and flowers were utilized to make medicine. Since these times, the magnolia plant has found to be extremely beneficial when it comes to weight loss, digestion, stress, fevers, and asthma. This ultra healthy plant is now being used in supplement form in order for the body to experience its maximum benefits.


Magnolia has been found to have a significant impact on weight loss because of its ability to balance cortisol levels in the body by assisting with stress management. Cortisol has also been associated with weight gain, particularly fat in the abdominal area, sugar control problems, and a host of other stress-induced disorders. The two main chemicals found in magnolia bark are honokiol and magnolol, which both have strong antioxidant activity. These two substances have been said to help reduce stress and balance cortisol levels, ultimately resulting in weight loss!

Here at Max Muscle Rocky Mountain we offer our customers a super supplement that harnesses the weight loss and stress management power of magnolia. ADRX: Advanced Adrenal Support uses magnolia to help maintain healthy adrenal cortisol activity and offers support for stress, mood and emotional well-being. This scientifically based formula is meant to deliver complete nutritional support for healthy adrenal function.


The ADRX formula was designed to encourage optimization of the adrenal hormones and to reset adrenal homeostasis. It is the perfect formula for fat burning cycles, or for those who use various stimulants like coffee, energy drinks and energy supplements as their main energy source. It allows the user to cycle off caffeine and move forward with reintroducing stimulants in a safe and controlled manner.

If you are looking to improve your overall health and break free from the empty energy sources you are clinging to each day, now is a great time to stop by Max Muscle Colorado Springs to learn more about how ADRX can change your life! Our specialists will be able to educate you about this fantastic product and ensure that you have what you need to start feeling better! Do not wait any longer to come and see us.

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Vitamin D3, A Hormonal Precusor


Max Muscle Colorado Springs Get FitMany of us know vitamin D3 to be important for good overall health and for the promotion of bone strength, however it is also an important factor in making sure the muscles, heart, lungs, and brain all work well together. What makes vitamin D3 unique when compared to other vitamins is that when the body received vitamin D, it turns it into a hormone. This hormone is usually referred to as “activated vitamin D”, or more commonly “calcitriol”. When the body changes vitamin D3 to calcitriol, it is then sent to different tissues, including the kidney. This activated vitamin D3 is now ready to perform its duties of managing calcium in the blood and bones as well as assisting the body with communication.

When it comes to physical performance, vitamin D3 is often overlooked however it is fundamental to completing physical activity and movement. New research has shown that it significantly impacts performance, especially in older adults. It has been proven that adults who do not get enough vitamin D3 are at an increased risk for both poor physical performance as well as disability. Essentially, without vitamin D3 simple tasks like standing up from a chair or even lifting weights would be a struggle.

Along with physical performance, vitamin D3 has also been linked to weight loss. It has been shown that men and women with higher vitamin D3 levels lost greater amounts of weight when dieting than those with lower vitamin D3 levels. Think of it this way, vitamin D3 is really a hormone in the body that allows you to function on all cylinders. It is keeping your organs and brain communicating with one another, which in turn allows you to tackle your fitness endeavors head on.

Functionally, vitamin D3 most important role is the regulation of calcium absorption and metabolism. Without sufficient vitamin D, even if there is adequate dietary calcium available, it will not be properly absorbed and metabolized. Beyond calcium metabolism, vitamin D is being recognized as critical to a number of other body systems as well.



If you are ready to harness the many benefits of vitamin D3, now is a great time to pick up MaxxTOR!MaxxTOR™ is a truly revolutionary and innovative new product from Max Muscle Sports Nutrition that contains the key patented ingredient proven to significantly increase muscle protein synthesis, muscle size, strength and power while at the same time decrease body fat. So, head into Max Muscle Colorado Springs  to pick up your supplement today.


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Caffeine for Weight Loss


Max Muscle Colorado Springs weight lossIf you have not noticed, caffeine has become a staple ingredient in many popular diet pills and fat-burning snacks, and for good reason. Caffeine has been shown to help to boost the metabolism, and increases energy to give you a great weight loss result.

Caffeine is a substance found naturally in many plants, with the most common varieties being tea leaves, kola nuts, coffee and cocoa beans. When caffeine is ingested, it quickly passes into the brain, where it has a stimulatory effect on the central nervous system. This results in increased focus and does a great job at counteracting fatigue. Caffeine can also intensify energy output, and this is done through thermogenesis, or the production of heat in the body.

Thermogenesis converts calories into heat energy. The surplus calories used by thermogenesis contribute to weight loss and fat burning. The mechanism by which caffeine stimulates thermogenesis, however, is not known.

Ingesting caffeine has shown to jumpstart the process of lipolysis, this is when the body releases free fatty acids into the bloodstream. This occurs when the body is breaking down fat stores to convert into energy. In other words, caffeine boosts your metabolism slightly and results in burning fat.

Emerge is a powerful fat loss and body composition slenderizing system that utilizes caffeine and is specially formulated to inhibit appetite, promote the release of fat from stored fat cells and accelerate the burning of fat for fuel. Emerge contains clinically proven weight loss ingredients like caffeine to suppress appetite, provide maximum calorie burning specifically from fat, increase energy and elevate the body’s metabolism. Be sure to stop in to get yours today!

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A Quick Guide to Protein Powder


Max Muscle Colorado SpringsWhat does protein powder do? Is protein powder really necessary? And finally, when should you take it? These may be just some of the questions you have asked yourself if you are new to the world of weightlifting or simply want to know more about what protein powder can do for you. In this article we plan on stripping away all the hype, and confusion that surrounds protein powder and give you only the info you really need to get started.

Although protein supplements are not an absolute requirement for gaining mass, they certainly simplify and accelerate the process. Getting all of your protein from whole food is not always convenient or practical, especially if you are eating more than 6 times a day. By taking a protein shake you are essentially cutting out the prep-work when it comes to making a meal, and are quickly giving your body the protein boost it needs. Although most of your dietary protein should come from meat, fish, poultry, and eggs, having a few shakes at strategic times is greatly beneficial.

As protein is an extremely important macronutrient, it should be consumed frequently throughout the day. Usually it is used as a pre-workout and post-workout shake. Consuming it in liquid form before and after physical exertion is beneficial due to its faster absorption rate. It is recommended that one should consume 1 to 1.5 grams of protein per pound of lean body mass a day.



Overall, there are many different types of protein powders out there and it is essential to find the one that will work best to fit your fitness goals. If you are unsure about which protein supplement to begin taking, it is important to speak with a Max Muscle representative at your nearest store! Our team members will be able to identify your needs and point out the products that will suit you best.


Here at Max Muscle Colorado Springs, we offer amazing protein products that are meant to nourish, rebuild muscle and so much more. We would like to meet with you soon to discuss any questions you may have about how protein powder can benefit you. Be sure to stop in today and ask our expert staff for a sample!


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Body Myths: Lean Muscle vs. Fat


Lean Muscle vs. FatCommon sense suggests that a pound of muscle and a pound of fat must weight the same, however they differ in density. This means that if you look at 5lbs of muscle and 5lbs of fat side by side, the fat takes up more volume than the muscle does. This is important to keep in mind when you are leaning out your body and shedding fat. A common mistake dieters make when it comes to muscle vs. fat is looking at muscle gain as the enemy. Muscle gain should be embraced rather than shunned for many reasons.

While some have the notion that cardio alone is sufficient for a strong and healthy body, it is crucial to incorporate weight lifting into your workout regimen in order to effectively lose weight and keep it off. There is no doubt that cardio is important however, putting on muscle is equally as vital.

There is a common fear of gaining lean muscle mass because many believe it adds to one’s weight. Although it may increase your weight, you will be losing fat and therefore you will appear thinner and toned. Because muscle boosts metabolism, a pound of muscle will in turn burn more calories at rest than a pound of fat. Even when one is not exercising, if you have lean muscle mass you will be burning more calories at rest as well.

Ultimately, fat and muscle tissue are two completely different substances. Exercise like strength training will certainly help to build muscle, which in turn encourages fat loss by increasing your resting metabolism so you can burn more calories throughout the day. To get a lean look, it is necessary to build muscle through weight training while simultaneously losing fat.

Here at Max Muscle Colorado Springs we sell supplements designed to assist you on your journey to a better body like our Max Lean Protein. If you are ready to lean out and start eliminating fat, we are here to help! Now is a great time to stop in to speak with a member of our staff. We will get to know your fitness needs and expectations to better serve you! What are you waiting for? Come and see us today!

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The Health Benefits of Lean Muscle Mass


lean muscle 300x300Although aerobic fitness is important, many people forget the significance of building muscle through strength training. Gaining lean muscle mass offers plenty of benefits when it comes to improving the quality of life. Weight control, increased strength, and injury prevention are just some of the benefits when it comes to gaining lean muscle mass. Lean muscle also enables you to be stronger without a gaining significant amount of weight. Stronger muscles counteract the side effects of weak muscles, which may cause instability and structural pain. Strong, toned muscles also enhance your appearance, boost your self-esteem and make you feel better overall!

Weight Control

As far as metabolism goes, muscle mass is essentially the driving force behind the calorie-burning machine. As you strength train and increase your muscle mass, you build a larger, more efficient engine that burns more calories and helps you to lose weight. The more toned your muscles become, the easier it is to maintain your weight, and the higher your muscle mass, the more calories you are likely to burn when at rest!

Increased Strength

It is true that as we age, we lose about 10% of our muscle mass by the age of 50, and as the years go by our muscle mass continues to decrease. However, older adults who perform adequate strength and resistance training can increase their strength in a short amount of time. Increasing your strength will help you lead a more active lifestyle filled with spur-of-the-moment activity!

Injury Prevention

Building lean muscle plays a huge role when it comes injury prevention. It does this by protecting your joints from damage. For athletes and active individuals, injury prevention becomes crucial and this is achieved by strength training. The intention of strength training to prevent injury can also apply to older adults who are trying to prevent broken bones.

Here at Max Muscle Rocky Mountain we have amazing supplements geared toward helping you gain lean muscle mass! MaxxTOR™ is a revolutionary and innovative new product from Max Muscle Sports Nutrition that contains the key patented ingredient proven to significantly increase muscle protein synthesis, muscle size, strength and power while at the same time decrease body fat! Get yours today at Max Muscle Colorado Springs!

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Try This Bench Press Variation for Max Muscle Colorado Springs Results


bench press 300x166The wide-grip bench press is a popular variation of the staple bodybuilding exercise the bench press. In theory, widening your grip heightens hypertrophy and increases strength, which increases the overall benefits of the bench press! It is important when attempting this exercise to be in a controlled environment and possibly with the assistance of a trainer if you are less experienced with weight lifting. Here are some common benefits of this bench press variation!

Muscle Engagement 

When you widen your grip on the bench press you involve slightly different muscles than the original version. As it causes the body to involve more muscles in the exercise, it leads to a greater engagement of core muscles and assistors. Compared to a narrower grip, the wide grip engages the pectoralis major more intensely. Likewise, the grip causes greater activity in the anterior deltoid. This grip variation also leads to a larger range of motion and increased control!


It is no secret that practicing a wider bench press grip unquestionably increases torque, resulting in an increased amount of strength needed to lift the weight. Be sure to be careful however, this increase in force also heightens the risk of exercise-related injury.


While the wide-grip bench press does have some benefits, it comes with some risks as well. If you practice a wider grip, you may also increase your chances anterior shoulder instability, or ruptured pectoral muscles. This exercise should be practiced in moderation and as a supplement to your lifting routine for you to reap its true benefits.


It is essential to keep in mind that technique is everything, and it will keep your shoulders safe from damage. If you are ready to give this exercise a go, do not forget to seek professional guidance if you are new to the bench press. Safety is key and practicing the exercise correctly is the best way to see its benefits.

Stop by Max Muscle Colorado Springs today and talk with a expert!

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